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Picture Puzzles

Are you blind? Colorblind that is. Millions are. Find out if you are and what you can do about it.

Odd Images
To Fuel Your Creativity

500 ways

to do the things you do
easier, faster, better

Beyondosaurus goes way beyond synonyms and antonyms.

Numbers - Hundreds of instant conversions such as Roman numerals, weights, time, speed, volume, electricity, you name it.

Quiz50 - Fun little learn-as-you-go quizzes.

The Power Questions - Ask yourself these 12 questions as honestly as you can, and expect magical positive changes in your life!

The Creativity Generator - Come up with creative solutions for a wide variety of situations.

Better Eyesight - Here are some controversial exercises that may improve your vision.

The Name Maker - Create unique words and names. Great for webmasters, fiction writers, inventors, and others.

The Praise Ratio - This takes 5 minutes to learn and changes everything in very positive ways.

Intelligence Builder - Have fun while learning interesting information that will render you more well-rounded, and a better conversationalist.

Food For Thought - A super-simple database of random interesting quotes

Suddenly You Are Funny!
Unexpected Fun For Everyone

Ben Franklin's Bifocals

Instantly Improve
your Typing Speed

Juggling Clubs Tricks

A special website for jugglers who are into club passing

Can't Sleep - Whenever you can't get to sleep, or just want to relax, run this super-simple little program.

Who is Eugene V. Debs and how did he end up in jail? Find out at PositivelyEccentric.com.

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